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Carpet Cleaning

Terms and Conditions

The Service Terms & Conditions shown below relate to the Domestic Carpet Cleaning Service provided by CWA Cleaning.  By placing a booking with CWA Cleaning either in person, by phone, SMS, email, online or via social media then you 'the client' accept these Terms & Conditions.

1. Quoted Prices

All Domestic Carpet Cleaning Prices quoted by CWA Cleaning Services are based on national average room sizes.  Average room sizes are shown on our Price List.  CWA Cleaning reserve the right to charge extra if your rooms are larger than the average room sizes stated on our price list.  Any additional charges will be charged at £1.00 per additional square meter.  By placing a booking you agree to these additional charges.

2. Payment Terms

Payment will be required in full either by Cash or Credit/Debit Card upon completion of the service.  If you wish to pay by Bank Transfer this must be completed 24 hours before the clean is carried out.  Please call us for our bank account details.

3. Hot Water & Facilities

It is essential that our cleaners have access to electric and hot running water for the duration of the carpet cleaning service.  Failure to provide either will result in the service not being carried out and a cancellation fee of £50 being charged.  For the avoidance of doubt the Hot water cannot be supplied by boiling a kettle.

4. Stain Removal

We will try our upmost to clean your carpets to a very high standard, however we cannot guarantee the full removal of stains which have been left too long, been treated prior to our arrival with DIY methods or where the carpet is too worn. Our cleaners will not re-clean stains or badly worn carpets if they have already tried all industry approved cleaning methods and chemicals.

5. Furniture Removal

Our cleaners will not move large and or heavy furniture.  If you require this to be moved then you must ensure this is done prior to our cleaners arrival.  Our cleaners will be happy to move small items of furniture and pull sofas and chairs out to clean underneath.  Please ensure all breakable items are move to a place of safety prior to the cleaning being carried out.

6. Drying Times

Drying times are dependent on atmospheric conditions.  You should ensure that your rooms are heated and well ventilated to help the drying process. 

7. Odours

CWA Cleaning will not be held liable for odours that appear after the carpet cleaning from pet stains that we have not been told about prior to cleaning, or from where the carpets have not been dried correctly in accordance with condition 6 above.

8. Final Inspection

It is essential that you or someone on your behalf is present for the final inspection.  CWA Cleaning will not be responsible for any call backs where the cleaning has not been fully inspected before the cleaners leave the site.

9. Refunds

Refunds will not be given.  If you are unhappy with the standard of cleaning then you must say so during the final inspection and allow our cleaners to put matters right before they leave.

If you are looking for a Carpet Cleaner in the Calne & Chippenham area then look no further.


All our cleaners are fully trained, insured and use Professional Cleaning Detergents which are Pet Safe, Child Safe and Environmentally Responsible.

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