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Covid Deep Cleaning

We can offer a number of Deep Cleaning and Antiviral Cleaning Services to businesses in the Calne and Chippenham areas to help ensure that their premises are cleaned and sanitised to the highest of standards, protecting staff and customers while giving you peace of mind.


Our professional Coronavirus Deep Cleaning Service can be used as a precautionary measure in the workplace or home, even if there are no suspected or confirmed cases.

We have a number of service options available to meet all needs and budgets while giving you peace of mind that your business premises is safe.

Basic Disinfection Service

This is the cheapest and quickest option for most businesses who have been closed during lockdown and are looking to have their premises disinfected before reopening.


Fixed price of £40.00 for Offices, Small Shops Holiday Rentals & Nursery Schools, service includes

  • Fogging / Misting of all areas

  • Touch Point Sanitisation

Coronavirus Deep Clean

This is the most in-depth cleaning service where a team of cleaners will deep clean all areas by hand. This is ideal for Personal Care Businesses and Food Outlets.


Prices start from £80.00 per clean.

  • Toilets Sanitised

  • Staff Canteen Sanitised

  • Touch Point Sanitisation 

  • Sanitisation of Equipment 

  • Fogging / Misting of Large areas

  • Optional Carpet Cleaning

For more information or to book any of our Coronavirus Deep Cleaning Services in the Calne & Chippenham areas, then please contact us today on 

01249 847464

Disinfectants used:

We use a broad spectrum virucidal disinfectant that meets BS EN 1276 standards and kills 99.999% of germs within 5 minutes of contact.  This is the industry standard disinfectant and can be used in all settings and all surfaces.

Equipment Available:

We have a range of equipment at our disposal to effectively disinfect small or large areas. This includes ULV Foggers that produce a dry or wet disinfectant fog of between 5-20 microns to effectively disinfect large areas. We also have Disinfection Sprayers that produce a fine mist to disinfect small areas.

Covid-19 Cleaning Plan:

We will provide all clients with a FREE Covid-19 Cleaning Plan to use after the deep clean, this will highlight what areas will need cleaning and when. 

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