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When you see something good then there is usually a catch! Our Carpet Cleaning Service comes with its own set of Terms & Conditions (the catch) therefore, please ensure you read these and agree to them before our services.

1. Service Provision 

Customers must ensure that there is electrical power and adequate hot water available from a tap for the carpet cleaning to be carried out.  If there is no power then the carpet cleaning cannot be carried out and you will still be charged (we will not top up meters), also if there is not hot water then we cannot guarantee that the carpets will be cleaned to the required standards.

2. Furniture

Where possible you should move all small items of furniture from the area to be cleaned.  Large items of furniture will be moved by our cleaners if they can be safely moved by 2 people.  We will not move TV Stands or Computer Desks.

3. Stain Removal 

CWA Cleaning cannot guarantee the full removal.  Stain removal depends on many factors including the age of stain, methods used to clean it prior to professional cleaning, and also whether there is hot water available.  CWA Cleaning will use all cleaning methods available to them to fade / remove the stain.  

4. Pet Accident Smells

Customers are advised that pet accidents smells & stains cannot be fully removed.  When the pet has the accident then this would have soaked through to the underlay or flooring under the carpet and its likely that these smells / stains will be reactivated during the cleaning process.  Specialist deodorisers will be deployed by the cleaners however to fully eradicate the smell then the underlay or flooring will need to be cleaned (not included with the Carpet Cleaning Service).

5. Carpet Shrinkage

CWA Cleaning will not be held liable for carpet shrinkage or rippling if the carpet is not correctly fitted.

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